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Best 25 YouTube Intros to Learn From!

Making an impact on your YouTube audience requires a compelling and memorable introduction. YouTube video introductions help build your brand identity by giving viewers their first impression of your channel. In order to make an exciting beginning for your audience, let’s look at some of the best examples of YouTube introductions and the strategies that make them stand out.

1. Animation Inc. Videos

Animation Inc. employs a short animated intro that effectively presents the video’s topic. This approach is beneficial when dealing with complex or abstract subjects, as it provides clarity and sets the stage for the viewer.

2. CrashCourse

Animation might be a valuable tool for teaching content, as CrashCourse has shown. Every series on their channel starts off with a distinctive animation that briefly explains the topic at hand. Animation enhances built-in brand familiarity while simultaneously keeping viewers interested.

3. Good Mythical Morning

The intro of Good Mythical Morning successfully captures the distinctive and hilarious personality of the program. This introduction keeps the audience interested and raises expectations for the information that comes next using a combination of humor and a sneak peek.

4. TED

The TED intro on YouTube is a masterclass in effectiveness and simplicity. The channel’s logo explodes with a “raindrop” sound in less than four seconds, signifying the spread of information and ideas. The core of TED’s goal is succinctly and consistently communicated in this intro.

5. Mindy McKnight

Mindy McKnight’s channel focuses on hair tutorials, and her intros often reveal the final results right from the start. This brilliant tactic piques viewers’ curiosity about the processes necessary to get those results, tempting them to watch the entire video.

6. The British Library

The animated British Library logo and the fitting background music serve as a practical illustration of how even a small budget can help connect your content to your brand.

7. Android Authority

With its approach to introduction, Android Authority sets itself apart from other channels that evaluate and compare products. They tie the advantages of watching the program to the channel’s brand by describing those advantages in the introduction that comes before the logo sequence.

8. Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall‘s charming and funny intro leads viewers on a fascinating journey using pop culture allusions and visual jokes. This intro aligns perfectly with the channel’s personality.

9. The Try Guys

The Try Guys‘ brief introduction is concise and practical, using static photos of each member. The upbeat music and individual personalities showcased in the intro serve as a preview of the content to come.

10. Buzzfeed Video

Buzzfeed’s “Plate to Date” series debut shows that even a simple plan can be successful. The prospect introduces herself and the meal at the start of each episode on Buzzfeed, which is followed by an editable branding frame. This is a fantastic, cost-free way to customize the introductions to particular shows.

11. SophieMichelle ASMR

Slow movements and quiet tones in the entrance logo of SophieMichelle ASMR, which sets the mood for viewers to unwind, are perfect for the ASMR subgenre.

12. Recognize

Recognize uses a creative technique by asking viewers to solve a puzzle before displaying their channel’s logo. Furthermore, by connecting branding to value, this tactic motivates viewers to click “play.”

13. The Life Guide

The Life Guide’s intro highlights the amount of knowledge it contains by using a series of drawings to show various scenarios. Their bold musical style goes well with their appealing visual aesthetic.

14. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

In addition to showcasing branding, Phil Town’s film’s intro montage also provides viewers with a sneak peek at the insightful information they will discover later on. It adds credibility to the channel.

15. DollarSprout

The DollarSprout intro starts with a relevant subject. It gives a synopsis of the information covered in the movie before the logo animation starts. It is a superb example of how to introduce something with value and professionalism.

16. The Diary of a CEO

The clever use of interview outtakes and fragments in this intro teases viewers into seeing the movie to find out what is missing. It also introduces the interviewee briefly.

17. Mady Morrison

Typically, Mady Morrison’s front-running results are displayed first, piquing the audience’s interest in the path she took to get there.

18. Yuya

A skillfully crafted 2D animation serves as Yuya’s introduction, creating a friendly mood. It uses techniques like transitions between projector slides and calming music to welcome viewers to the channel.


The phrase “Welcome to WatchMojo,” which has become famous and instantaneously recognizable, distinguishes the intro of WatchMojo. Furthermore, by employing an unconventional strategy, the channel establishes its voice and brand identity, differentiating itself from rivals.

20. Lavendaire

Even though Lavendaire’s intro is only 5 seconds long, it makes excellent use of relevant images and video to create a welcoming atmosphere that is consistent with the channel’s image and tone.

21. Map Men by Jay Foreman

The intriguing background of world maps is explored in the Jay Foreman and Mark Cooper-Jones “Map Men” YouTube series. With edits reminiscent of the early 2000s and a self-penned and -recorded theme song, the entrance is purposefully ludicrous and hilarious. It serves as an illustration of a purposefully goofy introduction that goes well with the channel’s quirky content.

22. BrightInsight

BrightInsight’s introduction shows how to quickly and successfully include branding components, such as your logo, into an explainer film. It is manageable while simultaneously boosting brand identification, making it appropriate for a range of films on the channel.

23. Foundr Magazine

Foundr Magazine’s intro creatively presents the video’s title using bold text. It transitions into a series of magazine covers that transform into the logo. This approach reflects the company’s long history in the industry and effectively engages viewers.

24. Frog Leap Studios

Frog Leap Studios uploads weekly music covers, and their brief 3-second intro is an excellent example of efficient branding. The contrast between a soft, almost ASMR-like voice saying the channel’s name and the loud rock music creates a memorable experience.

25. Vlad and Niki

Vlad and Niki, a channel targeting kids and families, features an upbeat and fun animated intro. The colourful elements in the intro align perfectly with their target audience, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience.


Hence, establishing an online character and connecting with your audience begins with producing an engaging YouTube introduction. These illustrations of YouTube intros from well-known channels show the range of aesthetics and strategies used to capture viewers. These intros, whether they include quick animations, amusing examples, or unique tactics, provide a starting point for exciting and illuminating information.

As you go out on your expedition, consider the tactics and suggestions these YouTube channels have to offer. Your introduction needs to be customized for your intended reader, writing style, and brand. Remember that a powerful introduction not only shows the authority of your channel but also motivates people to investigate the valuable stuff you offer.

So, feel free to play around with different intro ideas while adhering to the tone of your channel and allowing your imagination to run free. You can create an engaging and memorable viewing experience that entices viewers to return with the proper YouTube introduction.

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