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What Are How-To Videos (10 Great Examples And Best Practices)

Videos about how to do something, also known as tutorials or instructional videos, have become vital parts of online content. These videos are designed to inform and direct viewers on a specific skill or subject. How-to videos are available to help you at every level, whether you want to learn how to bake a cake, utilize a new piece of software, or develop a skill. This post will explore the qualities of a great how-to video, offer five fantastic examples, and go over recommended practices for creating educational video tutorials.

How-To Videos Are The Educational Powerhouses

How-to videos act as virtual teachers, offering valuable knowledge and skills in an exciting and approachable way. To accommodate varied learning styles, they are available in several formats. While some employ direct explanations to simplify complex concepts, others offer thorough directions for those who prefer to learn by doing. These videos are a preferred solution for producers and users of online content since they give viewers the chance to learn about various topics.

Ten Great Examples of How-To Videos

1. Cooking MasteryTasty’s

Tasty, a part of BuzzFeed, excels at creating cooking tutorial videos. “How to Make the Best Birthday Cake” is a prime example of their effective instructional content. Breaking down challenging cooking processes into doable steps offers clear narration, effective production, and a fun learning experience.

2. Digital Writing Assistant

Howfinity shows how screencasts can successfully transfer information, especially in digital surroundings. They go into great depth on Grammarly’s features and capabilities in their video “How to Use Grammarly – Beginner’s Guide,” which includes high-quality audio and a step-by-step instructional approach.

3. Artistic Expression

A superb video instruction for budding digital artists is offered by Art With Flo. The instructional video “You Can Draw This Calm Sunrise Landscape in Procreate” walks viewers through replicating digital art techniques, focusing on making learning enjoyable through clear directions and straightforward narration.

4. Makeup Magic

The Makeup Chair’s step-by-step tutorial on putting eye makeup walks beginners through the procedure. Furthermore, close-up shots, text, and easily understood narration are all used in the video to provide viewers with a solid basis for advancing their cosmetic skills.

5. Podcast Proficiency

Riverside. fm serves as an example of the benefits of combining several how-to video formats and techniques. Their video streamlines creating and releasing podcasts on Spotify by utilizing face-to-face interaction, visual demonstrations, and step-by-step instructions.

6. DIY Fashion

This instructional video was made by Naztazia and is an excellent illustration of a simple yet effective how-to video. It helps new sewers by clearly introducing them to the fundamentals of sewing. The audience can perform less research to understand stitching techniques because the language and visuals of the video are exceptional.

7. Business Training

Revver HQ‘s video, “How to Use Dash, Rev’s Captioning Editor,” is a valuable training video for professionals. It offers detailed software instructions to assist staff in gaining the expertise and information required for job functions. This screencast clearly and succinctly presents the necessary information.

8. Time Management

An excellent animated time management tutorial video is Watchwellcast. In this fascinating video, graphics, and animations are used to visually contextualize time management abilities. The class displays time management ideas without overwhelming the audience by avoiding in-depth discussions and complex subjects.

9. App Tutorial

A video from the Plann App, “Plann 101: How to Use Plann – A Complete Walkthrough,” shows how to create a helpful lesson for a particular piece of software. It offers a thorough overview of the Plann app’s settings and functions by fusing distinctive branding, an exciting voiceover, and screencast demonstrations.

10. Digital Artistry

Adobe Creative Cloud‘s tutorial, “How Do I Create a GIF in Photoshop – Animate Your Art | Adobe Photoshop,” is an excellent example of a company tutorial video. It guides viewers through creating digital art with clear step-by-step instructions and visual storytelling techniques, simplifying complex skills for educational purposes.

Best Practices for Creating Effective How-To Videos

Clear and Comprehensive Communication

Effective Communication is vital to speak clearly and thoroughly. Speak clearly, make the discussion rational, and give brief, easy-to-understand directions.

Structured Narrative

Organize the contents in your video rationally to efficiently communicate information. Clarity and material quality are increased by a brief plot.

High-Quality Visuals

Ensure the video recordings are of a good caliber for a crisp, lively watching experience. Your brand’s legitimacy and visual impact are increased by its polished appearance.

Engaging Visuals and Text

To increase the impact of your video, use visuals, typography, and special effects. Adding background music, intros, outros, and visual effects can make your video stand out and be more effective in spreading information.

Actionable Learning

Create educational videos that offer opportunities for practical learning. To keep the audience interested and to promote education, include assignments, quizzes, and follow-along instructions.

SEO Optimization

Use SEO techniques in your video’s title, description, and metadata to increase discoverability and draw in a larger audience.

Simplicity is Key

Keep your writing and stuff simple and uncomplicated. Help viewers of various ability levels and avoid informational ambiguity.

How to Increase Views of How-To Videos

Making educational videos that are interesting and informative is just the beginning. To improve their impact, use video marketing and video optimization strategies. Think about sharing your content on social media and online video-sharing platforms like YouTube and by including video embed codes in pertinent blog posts and landing pages. Video instructions that are simple to follow will keep viewers returning for more. Images and titles must be interesting to draw visitors.


In conclusion, instructional videos help teach new concepts and skills. You can make educational videos that motivate and inspire your audience by following best practices for developing video content. Regardless of prior experience, anyone can learn how to create successful how-to videos. Furthermore, if you are searching for a video editor or creator who can make how-to videos for your business at reasonable rates, consider Animation-inc.

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What Are How-To Videos (10 Great Examples And Best Practices)

Videos about how to do something, also known as tutorials or instructional videos, have become vital parts of online content. These videos are designed to inform and direct viewers on a specific skill or subject. How-to videos are available to help y ...
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