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How Does 3D Animation Work? Best 3D Animation Software

Have you recently come across a 3D animator having better skills than you? Or is it a project that is giving you a hard time? No matter what brings you here, we ensure that we provide authentic information about the best 3D animation software that will boost your career as a 3D animator.

3D animation is like creating digital magic! First, an artist makes a 3D model, kind of like making a virtual sculpture of an object or character. Then, they make it move by adding a skeleton-like structure called rigging. After that, they paint on colours, textures, and lights to make it look real and awesome. In the end, they press play, and the computer works its magic to bring the whole thing to life! It’s like crafting a digital masterpiece from scratch.

To make this entire process better and quicker, there are many 3D animation software in the market. In the blog post below, we will discuss some of the best ones with all their important information.

So, without further ado, let’s get going.

What Is 3D Animation? The Benefits of 3D Animation

3D animation is like making cool, lifelike movies or games in a digital world. It’s used in lots of stuff, like movies, TV shows, games, and even designing buildings or products.

Now, why do people love it? Well, let us tell you! First off, it looks super real and grabs your attention. Then, it helps in explaining things better, like complex ideas or how something works. Furthermore, it’s super flexible so you can change things easily if needed. Oh, and it saves time and money compared to traditional methods. Last but not least, it lets you get super creative and make anything you imagine come to life! Cool, right?

How Does 3D Animation Work?

There are eight steps of 3D animation working that are as follows.


This is where we plan everything out, like coming up with ideas, writing down what happens, and making a rough schedule.

3D Modeling

Think of this like crafting digital sculptures. Artists create the shapes and details of characters or objects, adding colours and textures to make them look real.


It’s like giving our digital models a skeleton so they can move. Artists create joints and bones and set up controls to make them come to life.


This step brings our models to life! Artists decide how they move by setting key poses and making them change over time using special software.

Lighting And Shading

After making our models move, we make them look even better by adding lights and shadows. This makes everything look more realistic and detailed.

Special Effects

Here’s where we add extra cool stuff like explosions or magic effects. We make things like water, fire, or smoke move and interact with the scene.


This is a big step where the computer turns all our work into a final video or image. It takes a powerful computer to handle all the details!


Finally, we checked everything one last time and made any final tweaks. Then, we turn our animation into the right format and share it with everyone to enjoy!

Difference Between 3D Animation vs 2D Animation?

3D and 2D animation are two ways to make things move on a screen. The big difference is how they’re made and how real they look.

With 3D animation, artists build a 3D model of something, like a character or object. It’s like making a digital sculpture with points, lines, and surfaces. They can then move and change this model over time, making it look very real and detailed.

In 2D animation, artists draw lots of pictures and put them together to make things move. They can draw by hand or use digital tools. It’s not as detailed as 3D, but it’s simpler and cheaper.

What Is The Use Of 3D Animation?

3D animation has been used in different industries, such as:

Movies and TV

3D animation is used in movies and TV to make cool effects and create whole new worlds.

Video Games

It’s super important in video games because it makes characters and places look real and lets players do lots of stuff.


3D animation makes ads exciting and grabs people’s attention.

Design And Architecture

It helps designers see how buildings and products will look before making them for real.


3D animation teaches things in videos, like science stuff or safety tips.

Medicine And Science

Experts use it to show complicated things, like surgeries or how chemicals work.

Best 3D Animation Software

There’s a bunch of 3D animation software out there, each with its own cool stuff. Here are ten of the best ones:

LightWave 3D

All-in-one software for making models, animations, and effects.

Autodesk Maya

A popular and strong 3D animation software used in movies, TV, and games.

Autodesk 3Ds Max

Another big name in 3D animation, perfect for making detailed models and effects.


A free 3D animation software loved by indie artists and studios for its cool features and low cost.

Cinema 4D

Easy-to-use software that works well with other programs, great for beginners.

Marmoset Toolbag

Makes cool visuals and animations for games and more, really fast.


Makes super detailed and real-looking 3D models, famous for its sculpting features.


Helps sculpt and paint 3D models and textures.

Substance Painter

Puts awesome textures on 3D models to make them look real.


Fancy software with lots of tools for making complex stuff like simulations and effects.


In simple terms, 3D animation is pretty complicated but totally worth it. It takes a while to do, but the end result can look super real and amazing. Lots of different jobs use it because it’s so cool. If you’ve got questions, you can check out our animation services or just ask us, and we’ll help you out.

If you’re looking for professional 3D animation services, consider Animation-Inc. Our team of experts is ready to bring your ideas to life with stunning visuals and realistic animations. Whether it’s for a movie, video game, advertisement, or any other project, we’ve got you covered.

Let us turn your vision into reality with our professional animation services.

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