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How Much Does 2d Animation Cost Per Minute

In the vibrant world of marketing, animated videos emerge as superheroes who effortlessly engage viewers and deliver business messages with charm and simplicity. It’s no surprise that businesses, both big and small, are turning to animated content as a key player in their marketing strategies. Now, as you consider incorporating animation into your toolkit, the red-hot questions that arise is

What’s the price tag for an animated video? and “Is the investment truly worthwhile?”

Don’t worry, as we share your eagerness for answers. This blog serves as your compass, guiding you through the details of animation costs per Minute. Whether you’re a newcomer interested in the world of animated storytelling or a seasoned marketer seeking cost insights, our guide breaks down the expenses, offering a crystal-clear view of the price spectrum.

So, without further ado, let’s begin this journey of finding the cost of animation and discover where your budget aligns with the attraction of animated stories.

Understanding the Costs of Animation (The Key Considerations)

The pricing of animation is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, as several factors shape the pricing of animation work. Let’s break it down in simple terms:

1. Video Length

Short and sweet or a lengthy affair? The duration of your video significantly impacts the cost. A quick 30-second clip is more budget-friendly than a sprawling 3-minute masterpiece.

2. Customization

How unique do you want it? Generic templates are wallet-friendly, but a custom-made video designed to fit your brand identity comes at a different price point for its distinctiveness.

3. Production Timeline

Need it in a hurry? Fast-track projects might require a bit more investment due to the extra effort and resources involved in meeting tight deadlines.

4. Team’s Expertise

Pros versus newbies. An experienced team might charge more, but the quality speaks volumes. On the other hand, amateur freelancers offer budget-friendly options.

5. Animation Style

Different strokes for different people. Styles like 2D, motion graphics, and whiteboard videos are usually more cost-effective compared to complex styles like 3D or stop-motion.

Understanding these factors gives you a clearer picture of what goes into pricing animation videos.

Determining Animation Costs (What to Expect)

Now that we’ve discussed the key factors influencing animation pricing, it’s time to direct the world of animators for your business needs. In the world of animation, the question remains, “How much does animation cost per minute?”

The answer lies in understanding what to anticipate from different animators. Whether you’re exploring individual freelancers, production houses, or specialized agencies, the diversity in pricing is as vast as the range of animated videos.

Quality and originality naturally fluctuate with the cost and the expertise of the team.

Join us as we explore a closer check of these distinctions, finding the price ranges you can expect from different types of animation services.

Animation Option Cost per Minute
Amateur/Free Tools $0 – $100
Freelancer $100 – $3000
Mid-Level Animation Studio $3000 – $7000
Top-Level Animation Company $8000 – $25000
Broadcast-Level Animation Firms $25000 – $100000+

Amateur/Free Tools (Required Budget $0 – $100 Per Minute)

Creating animated videos on a budget is indeed possible, with costs ranging from $0 to $100 per Minute. In the world of amateur and free tools, you have the option to spend little to no money using various online platforms.

However, the trade-off is significant while you may save on costs, be prepared to invest substantial time and effort. The outcomes might not align with your expectations, as these tools often rely on templates with generic illustrations and limited animation effects.

In our research on budget-friendly options, we’re checking out some simple animator tools, by using them we analyze that you might still face some difficulty in getting the desired results as the free tool resources has some limited templates.

Golden Tip: Here are some free animation tools that you can use for your animation work.




Freelancers (Required Budget $100 – $3000 Per Minute)

Considering professional animation services, the price range can vary significantly. Freelancers, with costs ranging from $100 to $3000 per Minute, offer a broad spectrum of options. The online marketplace is filled with talented animators providing diverse services.

However, the downside of hiring a freelancer lies in the fact that they often manage all aspects of the project independently, including scriptwriting and voiceover talents. While this might be cost-effective for occasional projects, it may not be the best choice for businesses in need of consistent and reliable animation services.

Freelancer Animation Services Cost Range per Minute Key Considerations
Freelancer (Average) $100 – $3000 Offers a broad spectrum of options
Freelancer (Cost-Effective) Below $500 Provide Budget-friendly options
Freelancer (Experienced) $1000 and above Higher cost often comes with greater experience
Freelancer (Scriptwriting/Voiceover Included) Varies Independently manages all aspects, including scriptwriting and voiceover talents.


Golden Tip: To find a cheap and budget-friendly freelancer, you can search for Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.

Mid-Level Animation Studios (Required Budget $3000 – $7000 Per Minute)

Moving up the ladder, mid-level animation studios, priced between $3000 and $7000 per Minute, present a step beyond freelance services. Comprising two or three professionals, these studios offer experienced staff capable of delivering solid custom videos.

However, their small size might lead to project delays as they may not handle multiple projects simultaneously. Additionally, some studios may outsource certain services, requiring clients to manage those aspects independently, leading to potential additional costs beyond the initial animation expense.

Golden Tip: If you are searching for a reliable 2D animation company that helps your brand grow, consider Animation Inc., or you can consider Animation Liberty for it.

Feature Animation Inc Animation Liberty
Basic Package Cost (15Sec Video) $499.00 $499.00
Startup Package Cost (30Sec Video) $699.00 $699.00
Advance Package Cost (60Sec Video) $1,199.00 $1,199.00
Duration of Delivery 2 – 5 weeks 2 – 5 weeks
Suitable for Startups and small businesses Small, medium, and growing companies
Included Features Script Writing, Storyboard and characters, Voice Over, Music & Sound FX Script Writing, Storyboard & Characters, Professional Voice Over, Music & Sound FX

Top-Level Animation Companies (Required Budget $8000 – $25000 Per Minute)

The professional-level animation companies charge a cost ranging from $8000 to $25000 per minute. These companies boast a team of skilled experts in scriptwriting, illustration, animation, sound design, and more. When you engage with a professional-level company, you may also have the privilege of working with an account manager who keeps you informed and involved throughout the project.

These companies are known for their organized workflows, ensuring projects stay on schedule. Every detail of your video is customized to meet your specific needs and preferences. Prepare to be actively involved in major decisions, such as approving the script, selecting voiceover talent, and providing feedback on any desired changes.

The outcome? A fully custom-made, top-quality animated video that aligns perfectly with your expectations and, more often than not, an enjoyable creative journey.

Golden Tip: Some of the Top-Level animation companies are Golden Wolf and Roofstudio

Broadcast-Level Animation Firms (Required Budget $25000 – $100000 Per Minute)

We researched the animation services cost of broadcast-level animation companies and found out that the costs stretch from $25000 to $100000 and more per Minute. These top-class studios specialize in creating top-quality 2D, 3D, and motion graphics, rivaling the brilliance seen in major animated movies on the big screen.

While their work is undeniably impressive, the hefty quotes for their animation services often make them unreasonable for most businesses. These studios are best suited for large multinational brands plunging into extensive projects like series or movies.

Golden Tip: The Broadcast-Level Animation Firms include DreamWorks Animation, Pixar Animation Studios, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The Final Words

In wrapping up our consideration of animation choices, it’s necessary to find the perfect partner for your project’s success.

Whether you’re going for a pocket-friendly option, working with a freelancer, a mid-tier studio, a professional 3d or 2d animation company, or even considering an exclusive broadcast-level studio, each has its pros and cons.

If you’re keen on the charm and simplicity of 2D animation, teaming up with a trustworthy 2D animation company is the way to go.

Consider your budget, project needs, and the expertise you require. Making the right choice ensures you not only stick to your budget but also achieve the quality and impact you desire for your animated video.

Best of luck on your animation journey!

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