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The 20 Best Video Websites Like YouTube You Still Don’t Know

When it comes to the world of online video platforms, one name invariably takes centre stage which is YouTube. It is the quintessential go-to for viewers, content creators, and even for users. However, in the ever-growing digital world, there are many other video websites you can check out. Whether you’re a marketer seeking new horizons, a content creator on the lookout for diverse platforms, a business visionary, or a regular viewer eager for fresh content experiences, it’s high time to expand your video-sharing horizons beyond the confines of YouTube.

Join us on an exciting journey as we highlight a carefully curated list of 20 best YouTube alternatives. Let’s start it.

1. Vimeo – The Filmmaker’s Paradise


Vimeo stands out as a great alternative to YouTube for filmmakers and other creatives looking for premium video hosting services. It was founded by Filmmakers, and it has a vibrant community, 4K Ultra HD video quality, and no ads. With 1.24 million members and 150 million producers, Vimeo is a platform for sharing and marketing your film works.

2. DTube – Embracing Decentralization


One of the most excellent video-sharing websites is DTube if you value privacy and decentralization. The blockchain-based operating system of DTube guarantees data confidentiality and content integrity. Free speech, cryptocurrency rewards for content creators, and a YouTube-like user experience are the main focuses of DTube. So, bid adieu to advertising and search engine results.

3. Internet Archives Video Section – A Treasure Trove of Content

Internet Archives Video Section

The Internet Archives Video Section is a hidden gem among video websites for those looking for a unique mix of documentaries, films, and strange films. A sizable archive that is subject, year, and language searchable. It is an excellent resource for researchers and hobbyists looking for unusual and historical content.

4. Metacafe – Quick Bites of Entertainment


Metacafe, one of the early video hosting sites, specializes in short, engaging videos. Despite not focusing on artistic or professional content like Vimeo, it is a well-liked platform for quick amusement, product reviews, and how-to videos. With its simple aesthetic, Metacafe provides a throwback to the early days of YouTube.

5. 9GAG TV – Fun and Memes Galore


If you’re a social media enthusiast looking for a laugh, 9GAG TV is a prime destination among video-sharing communities. It is known for its amusing videos, GIFs, and memes and offers a wealth of entertaining content that is easy to share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Find the best internet memes by navigating through various categories.

6. Dailymotion – Quality Meets Accessibility


Dailymotion has 112 million monthly visitors and is one of the top YouTube alternatives. It offers high-definition videos with resolutions up to 1080p, making it an excellent choice for content producers looking for a compromise between accessibility and quality. Compared to YouTube, Dailymotion allows content creators to commercialize their work and has a more lax copyright policy.

7. Vevo – A Haven for Music Lovers


Vevo is the top video-sharing website for music fans looking for a specialized platform. Major record labels own Vevo, which contains a sizable collection of music videos from singers worldwide. Whether looking for the newest music or browsing an artist’s discography, Vevo has it all.

8. Twitch – Where Gamers Unite


Gaming enthusiasts and live broadcasters now frequently exchange footage on Twitch. Whether consumers are interested in gaming, live broadcasts, or interactive entertainment, Twitch is a thriving community where users can communicate with their chosen content providers in real-time. Twitch is not just for games; it attracts many hobbies, including music, art, and more.

9. TED – Nourishing the Curious Mind


TED, a platform renowned for its provocative talks, stands out among video-sharing sites for independent filmmakers. With more than 3,000 speeches on technology, business, design, and global challenges, TED provides a venue for intellectual exploration. While specific lectures can only be accessed through a membership option, many lectures are available without one.

10. Crackle – Sony’s Hidden Treasure


One of the top free YouTube alternatives is Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Crackle. It provides a selection of original TV shows and vintage Hollywood films. If you like flicks like “Animal House,” “Paranormal Activity,” and “Rudy,” you should check out Crackle.

11. IGTV – Mobile-First Video Sharing


One of the best YouTube alternatives is Instagram’s IGTV, a mobile-only video-sharing platform. The full-screen, vertical, mobile-optimized videos on IGTV are perfect for watching while on the go. An excellent choice for companies looking to leverage the mobile video trend, content creators can showcase their work to a large audience.

12. TikTok – The Short-Form Sensation


TikTok’s short-form video format has swept the world. It is not your standard video hosting website; instead, it is a fast-growing hub for funny clips. TikTok, famous among younger viewers, is perfect for creative people who want to showcase their abilities and inventiveness.

13. Amazon Prime Video – A Streaming Giant

Amazon Prime Video

As a platform for streaming videos that require a subscription, Amazon Prime Video competes with YouTube. It offers original content and a sizable collection of films and television shows. Although not a typical YouTube alternative, this strong competitor is well-known in the video streaming sector.

14. Brightcove – Video Management for Businesses


Brightcove was established in 2004 and offers integrated video management systems to businesses. It allows seamless video editing, simultaneous platform sharing, and precise performance measurements. While not a direct competitor to YouTube, it is an essential video hosting service for corporate video marketing strategies.

15. Hulu – Streaming with a Twist


Hulu delivers on-demand movies and television shows through Hulu + Live TV and IPTV services. The Walt Disney Company owns it and features programming from several networks. Furthermore, by offering less expensive solutions (although with commercials) while remaining identical to Netflix and Prime Video, Hulu sets itself apart from competitors of YouTube like Netflix and Prime Video.

16. PeerTube – Decentralized Video Hosting


Unlike DTube, PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting service. Users can now create their own instances and host their own content while having more control over their films. It has a massive benefit over centralized video platforms since it encourages a network of connected, content-free video hosts.

17. Veoh – A Hub for Movies and TV Shows


Veoh is a website offering user-generated videos, TV shows (in the U.S.), and full-length movies from major studios and independent productions. Users must install the Veoh Web Player on their web browsers to see full-length videos.

18. Disney+ – Disney’s Streaming Empire


Disney+ is a relatively new player in the over-the-top (OTT) video streaming space, but it is already gaining popularity. It features material from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and other brands and properties owned by the Walt Disney Company. Disney+ also creates original material that receives a lot of attention.

19. Curiosity Streams – Dive into Documentaries

Curiosity Streams

A video streaming service called Curiosity Streams specializes in odd and unique documentaries, TV shows, and clips. It was developed by the Discovery Channel’s founder as a haven for fans of documentaries. Access to the platform’s content is possible through several services, including YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Channels.

20. Rumble – Empowering Video Creators


Rumble is a video platform that empowers video creators to share their content with a global audience. It offers features like video monetization and content licensing, making it an attractive option for creators looking to earn from their videos. Rumble also provides tools for content discovery, enabling users to explore a wide range of videos, from viral moments to niche content. If you’re a video creator seeking alternative platforms with monetization opportunities, Rumble is worth considering.

Let’s Wrap It Up

These YouTube alternatives cater to diverse interests, including from mobile-centric viewing to niche content. Whether you are a filmmaker, educator, or consumer seeking original video content, these platforms offer various options. These new video websites will expand your video exploration horizons.

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